Brave Appraisal Tool is temporarily out of service due to Evepraisal shutting down.
We'll be switching over to use the Janice API over the next few days.

Please use Janice in the meantime but remember, Brave loses market taxes when you sell via contract.
A small donation to Brave Holdings of up to 3% of value when you sell via contract is appreciated.

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What is this?
The Alliance Friendly Appraisal Tool is a tool for quickly getting bulk estimates of items from Eve Online. Unlike other tools it allows socially conscious sellers to ensure Brave Collective don't miss out lost market taxes.

How does it work?
Select something that you would like to check the price of in Eve online like a contract, hanger items or a cargo scan result. Press Ctrl + A or to select all items or Ctrl + Click to select multiple items then Ctrl + C to copy and then paste in the box to the left with Ctrl + V.

What can I paste?
Contract Content Hanger Content (Named ships are ignored) Ship Fitting Asset Listing Wallet Content In Game Killmail Container Items
Selling Essential Minerals / Materials via Contract

Before selling the minerals / materials used to make things on contract please consider listing them on the market instead.

It's particularly important for new industrialists to have access to materials so that the barriers for them getting started are lower. A healthy well stocked market leads to a stronger industrial backbone in Brave.

You can often make more profit selling minerals on our market, it just takes a little longer to sell.
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