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This interactive help facility will help you produce your first few quotes using this tool, with each step explained in detail. Simply follow the instructions and then click the next step button when you are ready to move on.

The arrow for each of the steps shows you which text box or control the description is referring to.

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Title / Category
2) Giving your quote a Category or Title

By adding a title or category for your quote, for example "Ship Hulls" or "Wormhole Gas" the preview of your quote in slack and the quote itself will show this information to make what you are selling clearer.

It also makes it possible to edit your quote later (If you are current logged in as a Brave member).

Next Step
I want to base my price on
2) What do you want to base your price on?

Sell will ask for the price that people are your items are selling at on the market.
Buy will ask for the price that people are your items are selling at on the market.
Split will ask for the price md way between Sell and Buy price.

You can only select Split if you have logged in as a Brave Member

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The percentage of the sell value I would like is
3) Would you like to Increse or Decrease the Price?

Setting a percentage will adjust the price you want your customer to pay based on the Buy / Sell / Split price you selected in the last step.

For example if you selected Sell Price and set the percentage to 110% then you are asking for 110% of the Sell price. You can select any percentage between 50% and 150%.

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I want to sell the order as
4) How can your order be split?

This allows you to specify what parts of your Quote the customer must buy:

Full Order means that the customer must by everything in your Quote.
Full Stacks means that the customer must the full quantity of a type of item.
Part Stacks means that the customer can buy any quantity of any item.

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The items in this quote are located in
5) Where are the items in your Quote located?

The customer will want to know where your items are. Simply select the best location from the options listed. If the exact location isn't listed then select the best match.

Example: If your items were in DS-LO3 in Querious you would select Querious: Other System.
Example: If your items were in Keberz in Khanid you would select Other System.

Next Step
I would like to make a contribution to the Brave Collective of
6) Would you like to make a donation to Brave Holdings to cover lost fees?

When you sell stuff directly to another person or corporation via Contract the alliance loses out on the 3% of it's value that they would normally get if you sold this via Brave's markets.

You can choose to pay Brave Holdings the equivalent of that fee and show your potential buyer(s) that you are a resonsible alliance member.

Full Market Tax Rate (3%) says that you will donate the 3% that Brave would usually get.
Full Market Tax Rate (1.5%) says that you will donate half of what that Brave would usually get.
Nothing says you will not be making a contribution.

Next Step
Get Your Quote
Now you have a choice:

First, select and copy the items you want a Quote for in Eve Online (CTRL + C).

If what you are copying is [A Contract], [Hanger Contents], [A Ship Fitting], [Your Asset List] or an [In Game Killmail] then you can use this tool to get your Quote.

Or you can use Evepraisal to get your quote

Use This Tool
Use Evepraisal
Either generate your quote here:
Base prices on the market in
8) Select A Trade Hub:

Select which of Eve's major trade hubs you would like your Quote based on, or if you would like the prices based on the whole of Eve select Universe.

The most common selection is Jita as the largest and most active trade hub in Eve.

Next Step
Generate A New Quote
Acceptable Content:
Contract Content
Hanger Content
Ship Fitting
Wallet Content
Asset List
In Game Killmail
Container Content
9) Paste What You Copied from Eve:

Now paste what you copied from Eve Online by clicking in the text box and then pasting (CTRL + V).

As soon as you paste your quote will be automatically generated.

This is the last step.
Or paste an Evepraisal quote here:
Evepraisal URL 🛈
10) Get an Evepraisal Quote

Go to in another tab and get a quote there with the information you have in your PCs clipboard.

Once you have your evepraisal quote copy the URL and then come back here and paste it in the text box above.

As soon as you paste your quote will be automatically generated and all of the extra options you selected here will be applied to your final quote.

This is the last step.
Confirmation of Your Options
You are asking for 100% of the sell value from your quote.
Your items are located in Q-5211.
The buyer can ask for any quantity of any item (Part Stacks).
You are choosing to donate 3% of the contract value to the alliance. Thank you .
You Are Not Logged In as an Alliance Member
You cannot produce fixed price quotes.
You cannot to edit the remaining quantities or item prices on your quotes.
Your quotes will last for 3 days instead of 30.
You cannot specify Split prices in addition to Buy and Sell.
You cannot save your Quote Options.
Saving Fees / Making More Profit
Your saving versus selling in an NPC market are:
  • 3% to 5% in Broker Fees
  • Up to 2% in Market Taxes
Total saving is 3% to 7% depending on your skills.

The alliance doesn't miss out on Market Tax, thanks for being classy.
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